Privacy Policy

Our services are provided in a systematic way to cover you through policy called (Professional Liability Insurance)

Our client is our top priority and all the details that the client shares with us remains confidential.

We secure all the details of the project in our database so that whenever the client requires it is made available to them.

Once the project is completed we provide the Documentation in PDF files and Spreadsheet.

We provide the designs in GPM (Gallons per minute) and PSI (Pounds per square inch).

We do not provide hard copies of any designs & takeoff’s.

Once the project has started and for whatever reason we are instructed to halt work midway, the losses incurred would be payable by the client.

We never charge for any revision projects that takes up to 4 hours.

We request at least a day notice in priority jobs so that it can be completed to the best of your vision and our abilities.

We do not provide our services to any other client/competitor in your region/state, while we are caring of your project in your region/state.